Rough Diamonds Import into the United States


The requirements for importing in compliance with the KP are as follows:

Rough diamonds may only be imported from, or exported to, countries that are participants in the KimberleyProcess and are not subject to further US restrictions.  The recent FR notice can be found here that lists all Kimberley participants and those countries subject to US restrictions.

o       This must be faxed after the arrival or export without delay.


Rough diamonds are unconditionally duty free, but a merchandise processing fee will apply.  That fee currently does not exceed $485, and is calculated by multiplying the value of the merchandise by .3464%.  There will be fees from the customs broker associated with filing a formal entry.


Click here for Department of State information on the Kimberley Process.


Click here for information on the Kimberley Process on CBP’s website.  Broker lists are contained within CBP’s website.  Click on the map at the bottom of main page for the state and port that you with to import through.  Within that material is a listing of brokers licensed for each area

Rough Diamonds Import into the United States

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