Q&A For Diamond Brokers

Q&A For Diamond Brokers


Please read these Q&A's if you are a Diamond Broker looking

to submit a manifest to our Trade Desk before contacting us.


Do we deal with Diamond Brokers?


Yes, but only if they are smart enough to put us directly in touch with the actual Seller. If you don't know who the seller is, the offer you received was probably flown around the interent like a 747 and is most probably fake anyways. Find out who the seller is, put us in direct communication, if a deal is negotiated and closed, you will get a commission.



Do we sign IMFPA's and NCNDA's upfront?

We never do, as it is highly illegal to request anyone to sign an IMFPA before any contract is signed. This is considered extortion, and no IMFPA has any value without contract codes anyways! So do not ask us for IMFPA's as they would have absolutely no value to you, and can certainly land you straight to prison, there are no benefits to do so. We are willing to sign an NCNDA if necessary, dispite the fact that they are also a waste of time, and have absolutely ZERO value in any court of law.


Will we ever sign ANY documents on ICC Letterhead?

Not in a million years, what most brokers don't understand, is that no documents on ICC letterhead have recourse in any court of law, ICC is not an enforcement agency, just a mere non profit organization, in other words, no documents signed with ICC letterhead has ANY value, does not stand on any legs, not even worth the ink you use to print them.



Do we accept sanitized manifests?


We never do, how could we get any manifest signed without knowing who the seller is? It would be completely insane to accept and sign a blank manifest without being able to do due dilligence on the seller! We need 100% transparency, other wise, we have no interest at all.

Would you sign a purchase order on a car without knowing the brand?



I have a Manifest, but the Broker who sent it to me refuses

to release the Seller's information


We are not interested in talking to that Broker or any other brokers, we pass


What if your Trade Desk lies to us and does a deal behind our back?


We have one major rule of engagement, we NEVER lie to anyone regardless of their position. This business has enough liars as is. We will always be truthful with anyone involved in our transactions, and expect the same from all Brokers! Lying and making up stories is completely idiotic, as it will only land you in trouble, and ruin your reputation for a lifetime.

Furthermore, it would make no business sence for us to lie and close deals behind your back as you would never bring us another deal.






Q&A For Diamond Brokers

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